Natural Products Utilization International Conference “From Plants to Pharmacy Shelf” (October 2017)


This is the third edition of a highly successful (ICNPU 2013 had 230 participants from 40 countries and ICNPU 2015 had 330 attendees from 50 countries) natural product-focused conference. Covered topics include:

• (Ethno)botany
• Conservation and Sustainable Uses of Natural Resources
• Herbal Medicine/Botanical Supplements
• Medicinal Chemistry
• Metabolomics

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Forward and reverse pharmacology approaches in drug discovery: Figure 3

Fig. 3. The forward pharmacology and reverse pharmacology approaches in natural product-based drug discovery.

The full publication is available (open access) at:
(„Discovery and resupply of pharmacologically active plant-derived natural products: A review.“)
Figure 3

KEYWORDS: Computer modeling; Drug discovery; Ethnopharmacology; Medicine; Natural products; Organic synthesis; Pharmacology; Phytochemistry; Plant biotechnology; Plants